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Camelot Boutique Hotel attracts attention with its magnificent stone architecture in Akyarlar area of ​​Bodrum. According to legend, the famous castle which is associated with King Arthur has a beauty like Camelot. The turquoise color of the aquarium resembles an aquarium, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun with its daisies and sandy beaches. The hotel's exquisite architecture has been reflected in the room decorations and a different design has been applied to each room with thoughtful details and designs dominating the Ottoman lines.

The rooms of Camelot Boutique Hotel where the comfort is felt at a high level, all of them have beautiful designs, you can go down to the beach when you leave your room, you can go to the restaurant and you will be able to go to the restaurant. You can take a snack from the Snack Bar to witness the sunset and take the night off in Bodrum. You might say. Camelot Hotel aims to offer its guests a happy holiday with its full service and friendly staff. "I was very pleased with the hotel, especially the staff who were very warm and interested, all our requests were met immediately. he has achieved this with his comments

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